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On May 21st, 2019 Idaho Mining Apparel and Supply acquired Safetyline Inc. In the past, we had done business with Safetyline and had developed the highest respect for the quality of products that they offered. We recognized that with Idaho Mining Apparels extensive line of products and manufacturing capabilities, Safetyline would be a great addition to our company.

Moving forward it is our intention to continue to provide many of the items from the Safetyline catalog. In addition to what you have been able to purchase from Safetyline, Idaho Mining Apparel provides you access to many services and items that Safetyline did not provide. Such as custom reflective wear shirts, that are designed from the ground up to fit your needs. Complete with corporate logos and 3M reflective to your specifications.

Currently, the shopping cart on the Safetyline webpage has been disabled. We are working diligently to incorporate their items into our webpage and shopping carts. This will take us a little time and in the meantime please call us or email us for any or your needs. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times. We invite you to give us a call or email us with questions or requests for quotes at any time. We look forward to serving your needs.